Statement Genève, le 14 septembre 2015
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Day after another the Bahraini authorities proves its avoidance from its obligations placed on them following the ratification of the international covenants on human rights, most notably the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as its denial from its commitments made in front of the Human Rights Council in Geneva when it has accepted 158 recommendations from the Council last September. It has now moved in a contrary manner to the obligations and commitments as it has  banned marches and gatherings under its statement issued on October 29, 2012 while all the international covenants on human rights and the recommendations of the Council the right acknowledges the demonstrations and the peaceful assemblies as a fundamental human right, especially that the protesters in Bahrain have committed themselves to a large extent  to peaceful demonstration despite the excessive use of force by security forces against them in most cases, which included the use of the  asphyxiating gases, internationally banned fission and rubber bullets, and other weapons that they should not be used at all against unarmed protesters whom their weapon is the expression of  their views.
The prevention of marches and rallies by the Ministry of the Interior is an egregious encroachment of the human rights and the right of expression guaranteed not only under the Bill of international human rights, but under the country's constitution as well, so how the country can ensure the rights in the articles of association and the laws while it violates them practically in measures as the prevention and repression? Let alone deny all international commitments and obligations. The authorities has recently escalated the pace of its repressive operations and its threats to take legal action against those involved in peaceful marches and assemblies, as well as the threat of legislation against protesters demanding real political reforms, all things the authority's action contrary with the principles of the human rights because it flagrantly violates the human right of expression and assembly and peaceful demonstration.
Haven't the Bahraini authorities become aware, particularly the security authorities, that there is no security solution for the peaceful demonstrations in the country which demands legitimate rights that will provide stability and prosperity of the country when were satisfied, and the solution is purely political, for Bahrain to turn from a country of chronic political crises and a closed political horizon to a country of political openness and a democratic start, the Bahrain Human Rights Society (BHRS) demands the authorities not to compromise the freedoms and fundamental human rights, particularly the right of expression and the right of demonstration and peaceful assembly, not to infringe the rights which are guaranteed under the Constitution and international covenants on human rights, and for the security to stop its measures which are not feasible to confront the wide demands for democratization, and proceed instead with the political solution which is based on respect for other opinions, and repair the tense political situation.

October 30th , 2012

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