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Based upon principles of democracy and human rights, and for the sake of protecting the dignity of the individual, to respect all their rights whilst guarding and defending them. In order to constructively participate in upholding civil rights and spreading democracy. To monitor, document, and investigate cases of torture. To rehabilitate victims of torture, violence and human rights violations and provide them with legal counseling, medical and psychiatric treatment, social care and financial guidance. To advocate community values, and raise awareness of human rights violations, their cause and how to deal with them. To suggest various methods of reaching the truth, achieving justice and acquiring treatment.

For the aforementioned vision, a group of doctors, lawyers and human rights defenders have teamed up to form a medical, social, legal and human rights organization. They have studied the state of human rights in Bahrain for the past 10 months, and have reached the conclusion for the need to launch an entity on the ground that would initiate a new way of conducting human rights advocacy and rehabilitation work with humanitarian, patriotic, democratic and developmental objectives that care for fundamental values of the Bahraini individual.

With no discrimination based on sex, color, religion, ethnicity or political affiliations, BRAVO aims, with the help of various official, civil and international entities in human rights to prepare the right platform, methodologies and programs that can create a suitable environment for respecting human rights, preventing violence and stopping violations and transgressions committed by anyone including state agencies that are responsible for applying the law and upholding justice, in addition to raising awareness regarding human rights covenants and compliance with local and international laws and conventions for the protection of prisoners of conscience. Furthermore, it aims to monitor, follow up, and investigate cases of torture and help victims of violence by providing them with psychiatric and medical rehabilitation with social care and financial guidance. By this, BRAVO aims to help victims regain their dignity whilst encouraging state agencies to comprehend and apply the rules of engagement and methodologies of conducting arrests and legal detention. BRAVO will also strive to ensure the independence of the judiciary, the rule of law, the integrity of the legal profession and the guarantee of fair trials.

In this regard, a group of activists have began work in helping victims of police brutality and torture in Bahrain after the official establishment of BRAVO in the Republic of Ireland, with registration number 908735, whilst internal mechanism and policies are being prepared in addition to seeking permit to work in Bahrain.

As we officially declare the establishment of BRAVO, we extend our hand to everyone hoping for goodness, prosperity and dignity for Bahrain and its people against the continued repression by the. We Government hope that our efforts will be help advocate more democracy and respect for human rights as we strive for truth, justice and reconciliation.

Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO)

Washington DC, USA


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